Comprehensive data storage

With over 125 screens of data e-HR allows you to build a comprehensive employee record.

Document management

Use the document management features to manage your employee documents, handbooks and policies with full version control.

Intuitive user interface

The communities in e-HR allow you to provide a ‘plain English’ interface-easy to understand for non-technical users.


Give employees access to submit requests and have these authorized electronically, view their own data and view company documents online. Manager users can authorize requests from employees, update information, view documents and run reports from their user screens.

Email notifications

e-HR will automatically send email’s directly to users with SMTP compliant email systems such as Outlook. It will send notifications of follow-up dates and reminders as well as instructions to users and reminders as well as instructions to users and authorizers.

Simple and straight forward

Designed to be simple and straight forward, this powerful web based HR Application makes it simple to run your HR anywhere, anytime and any Internet connection. There is no software or installation required - all you need to do is secure your user ID and Password.

Track key dates

Every date field in e-HR can be set as an even trigger to generate an automatic reminder to HR or any manager/employee.


Robust and scalable to cater to very large loads.


There is flexible security allowing you to allocate different roles to each user controlling access to the data.

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